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Xiamen Huandaolu Hash House Harriers run approximately four times a month, twice on weekends and twice midweek. We meet somewhere in the Xiamen area for a bit of exercise, a drink (or two) and a few laughs. Runs last from two to three hours. Normal run cost is 20 RMB. All runs are accessible using public transportation.

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Live, laugh and learn with the Xiamen Huandaolu Hash House Harriers.

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2019-20 Mismanagement Committee

Grand Master (GM) 会长 (GM) 
Ceremonial leader of the H4. Takes care of general administrative matters of the Hash. Runs the circle together with the glorious RA. H4的正式组织者,处理hash的一般行政事务。和RA一起组织circle。

  1. Master Baker

Religious Adviser (RA) 宗教顾问 (RA)
The worst and loudest voice and best memory for weird songs and heinous crimes committed by the assembled Hashers. Guardian of the Cock of Shame. Responsible for namings and the weather of course! RA需要嗓门大并且声音难听,能记住奇怪的歌。守护蒙羞的公鸡,负责命名和天气。

  1. A.N.A.L.

Hash Cash (HC) HASH财务 (HC)
He or she who acts as the treasurer. This Hasher collects and takes care of the money of the run. Also, repays Hares for Hash trail marking supplies and Beer purchased. 作为财务主管,需要管好hash的钱,并且退还hare做路线和买啤酒的钱。

  1. Mimosa

On-Sec (OS) 
Manages the H4 Email Contact list and is the contact person when interacting with other Hash Kennels. Should liaise with the H4 Hash Committee regarding inter-Kennel events. Our official secretary. He or she who (very roughly…) keeps track of your run count and thus seeing that you get your due reward. Also acts as GM and HC when needed. 管理邮件联系人清单,负责联系和其他hash一起活动。记录跑步次数,并且负责分发奖品。有时需要客串会长和财务

  • Announcements: Frozen Twolips
  • Records: Barely Legal

Hare Razor (HR) 
The very sociable Hasher elected to encourage other Hashers to Hare runs. Supposed to know everything there is to know about laying a good trail and will share that knowledge with our brave volunteers (or remind them to read the info on the website). 负责鼓励其他hasher做路线,需要知道如何做路线。应该知道所有便于设置路线的地方和方法技巧,并乐于分享知识与我们勇敢的志愿者(或提醒他们阅读网站上的信息)。

  1. Lost Cumming

Midweek Hare Razor (MHR) 
The very sociable Hasher elected to encourage other Hashers to Hare runs. Supposed to know everything there is to know about laying a good trail. Liaisons with the OnSec & GM to communicate necessary details / information about the Midweek Hashes, both before & after the run. 负责鼓励其他hasher做路线,需要知道如何做路线。应该知道所有便于设置路线的地方和方法技巧,与OnSec & GM联络沟通必要的细节信息对周中的hash,包括hash前后。

  1. Manage à trois

Hash Haberdasher (HH) 
The Hashers who design and sell hash stash and paraphernalia such as t-shirts, socks, shorts, patches and other novelties. Also keeps track of what we have so we (hopefully) never run short again. 负责设计和销售hash装备,例如,T恤,袜子,短裤等并跟踪我们的纪念品进销存并保证不会短缺当我们需要的时候。

  1. A Seoul Sex

(with some assistance from Sanitary Pads, possibly)

Hash Scribe (HS) 
A Hasher will great writing skills, in Chinese or English (or two of you, who when put together have great writing skills). Willing to help the OnSec update the website and maybe start recording the fun we have on trail for posterity. Hasher将强大的写作技巧,包括中文或英文(或者中英文一起)。愿意帮助onsec更新网站,也许开始记录我们对TRAIL为做有趣的记录。

  1. Stick in the Rear