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The Hash House Harriers (H3) was started way back in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It’s said that every monday it gave the older folk the chance to convince themselves that they were not so old, and the young a chance to drink off their weekend hangover.  For a more detailed history go here.

Hashing gave people a chance to get outside with their friends, make new friends, show each other some of their favourite spots, have a bit of exercise, a few drinks and a laugh together. And then off to dinner.  For these same reasons the Huandaolu Hash House Harriers was started by Lee "Rustle in the Bush" Vince.  Their first run was on 4 July 2010. 

So, if you want to meet and have fun with some great Xiamen people and/or you want to join one of the largest international social clubs in the world, come down and join us.

For more details of International Hashing check out